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Historical SEGA Information

The history of SEGA began with the development of games for other consoles.  Then they realized it was time to develop their own console.  It began with the SEGA Master System which basically rivaled the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  It flopped in the US but had some popularity in Japan and Europe.   This generated enough revenue to begin development on the SEGA Genesis, which at the time of release was the fastest system on the market.  

The Genesis was enormously popular with games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and EA Sports titles.  Nintendo then leap-frogged the Genesis with the Super NES and with titles such as Donkey Kong (32-bit style graphics on a 16-bit console), Nintendo once again took control.  SEGA then launched Sega CD, the first game console to run from a CD.  The games were mediocre at best and didn't even compete with the lesser Super NES system.  SEGA also launced the Game Gear to compete with the Nintendo Gameboy but due to the extensive consumption of battery power, it never could compete.  SEGA then continues to produce gaming consoles with the same results.  The SEGA Saturn, and the following SEGA Dreamcast could not compete with Nintendo or the new player in the gaming industry, SONY.  The Dreamcast never took off and currently is not produced any longer.  SEGA currently makes games for other consoles.




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