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SEGA Genesis

The story of the Genesis began in the late '80s, in the wake of Sega's first attempt at a home console in the Master System. While a hit in Europe, the 8-bit Master System could not compete with rival Nintendo in the U.S. or Japan. However, Sega still dominated in one key area -- arcades. Sega's coin-op hardware was the most advanced around, and games like Shinobi, Space Harrier, and After Burner lit up arcades worldwide. Logically, Sega's next foray into the home market would try to bring the arcade experience home. The result was the Genesis Video Entertainment System.

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The Genesis was released in 1989 at a time when Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on home consoles. At that time, Sega had a lot of hits in the arcade such as After Burner and Golden Axe, and part of the appeal of the Genesis was that now these games were not only playable at home but were fairly close to the arcade versions. This system, however, didn't get a lot of publicity until Sonic the Hedgehog debuted in 1991. This game not only gave the Genesis a much needed mascot, but also showed that it could generate some spectacular graphics, animation and sound-- all with incredible speed.


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